2016-2017 Award Nominations

2016-2017 Award Nominations

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A leader doesn’t always have a fancy title like CEO, director or manager! A leader can be defined as a difference maker or someone who isn’t satisfied with status quo. Each year, the Nashville Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics takes time to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of both members and community leaders who make a difference in the lives of others.

We ask for your participation in the selection process. Nominate a NAND difference maker today!

We are accepting nominations for awards in these categories:

  • Outstanding Dietitian
  • Recognized Young Dietitian
  • Emerging Dietetics Leader
  • Outstanding Dietetic Educator
  • Outstanding Dietetics Student Award
  • Iris Award (Honoring a NON-TAND member that has contributed significantly throughout the year to the field of nutrition/dietetics in TN)
  • NAND Scholarship

Please follow the link for more detailed information and be sure to email your nominations to NAND’s Awards Chair, Kristen Xiong at kristen.r.xiong@gmail.com no later than Wednesday, November 2nd!


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