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Senators Roger Wicker, Shelley Moore Capito, Sherrod Brown and Kyrsten Sinema introduced the Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act (S. 1608) in the Senate and Representatives Ron Kind and David McKinley introduced the Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act (H.R. 2891) in the House. The bills would direct the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to prepare and promote physical activity recommendations based on the latest scientific evidence at least every ten years.

S. 1608/H.R. 2891 would also direct HHS, five years after the release of each set of recommendations, to publish a midcourse report highlighting best practices and continuing issues relating to physical activity among Americans. Given the strong base of science and medicine that shows the benefits of exercise, every American needs to know the current physical activity recommendations to promote health and combat obesity.

Please click Send Message and enter your information. From this information, your elected officials will be listed on the next page, a form letter will be provided, asking your senators/representative to cosponsor S. 1608/H.R. 2891. Feel free to use the sample language provided, or to edit the subject and text to reflect your individual views.

Action Alert Updates!

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Fitness Tax Will End Starting July 2019

On April 15, 2019, Governor Bill Lee signed the bill to “Toss the Tax”, a sales tax that was added to gym memberships in 2018. He hopes by getting rid of this tax, it will encourage gym memberships, support local fitness centers and improve the health of individuals in the state of Tennessee. For more information, check out the “Toss the Tax” Facebook page. The change is set to take place in summer of 2019.

Support the Expanding Access to Diabetes Self Management Training Act

Recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Representatives Diane DeGette (Colo.) and Tom Reed (N.Y.) and in the U.S. Senate by Senators Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.) and Susan Collins (Maine), the bipartisan Expanding Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training Act will allow: 
* Referral by physicians and other CMS providers
* DSMT and medical nutrition therapy on the same day of service
* Services to be provided without out-of-pocket costs
* Additional time for education when it’s medically necessary
* Seniors to seek services in their communities rather than only at hospitals

Let your members of Congress know how important this bill is to you, our profession, and the health of our country – urge them to use their vote to improve health care access and reduce health care costs! Take Action Today

The House of Delegates (HOD) selected the topic of Consumer Awareness and Changing Drivers of Food Choices for discussion at the Spring HOD virtual meeting. This topic and subtopics were identified from the Council on Future Practice’s (CFP) Visioning Report 2017: A Preferred Path Forward for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession, the Academy’s Strategic Plan, and delegate input through HOD meetings and surveys. The subtopics generated under the umbrella topic of Consumer Awareness and Changing Drivers of Food Choices are food systems and sustainability, evidence-based practice, and communications. The dialogue will focus not only on shaping the nature of dietary guidance through research and translation, but also using the best available evidence to communicate nutrition information to consumers in light of changing drivers of food choice that include food systems and sustainability. This is where we need your help!

Please take this survey on communicating and shaping dietary guidance related to sustainability before Sunday, March 24, 2019. The survey should take approximately five minutes of your time. Results will be shared with the entire HOD to help inform the dialogue on March 30-31 during the Spring 2019 HOD Virtual Meeting. Thank you for your time.

Catherine Austin
TAND Delegate

The bipartisan Treat and Reduce Obesity Act of 2019 (H.R.1530, S.595) recently introduced in the U.S. House and Senate will allow a registered dietitian nutritionist or other qualified healthcare practitioner to independently provide intensive behavioral counseling services for Medicare beneficiaries with obesity and facilitate beneficiaries’ access to treatment options.

Let your members of Congress know where you stand and urge them to support this bill to improve patient outcomes, enhance health care access, and reduce health care costs.

Take Action Today

The last day to vote in the Academy’s 2019 election is  February 15th. This is a great opportunity to have a role in selecting our future leaders. One of our very own, past NAND President and current Website Coordinator Collette Powers, is running for a position in the Renal DPG group so please consider taking a moment to cast your vote! Access the ballot at the link below to view this year’s candidates for both the national election and DPG groups.

View the slate of candidates and vote electronically here. 

2019-2020 TAND Delegate Ballot Nominees

Voting for the 2019-2020 TAND Delegate is now open! Click here to review the candidates information and cast your vote. Voting closes in one week so do not delay, vote today!